About Savvy Canadian

The idea behind Savvy Canadian actually began in the UK, where our main developer worked for one of the largest price comparison websites.

Upon emigrating to Canada, and in particular the town of Cochrane, Alberta, it quickly became apparent the industry of “Price Comparison” which millions of people rely on in the UK to make the most of their money, was very limited, if not completely unknown in Canada.

On noticing this, we decided to try and fill that gap with Savvy Canadian and help Canadians enjoy the same price comparison tools people in the UK have. We started with our “Balance Transfer Calculator” which helps Canadian’s work out exactly how much they could save on credit card interest by transferring there balance. We Then added our “Cash Back Credit Card Calculator” which works out which Cash Back Credit Card is right for you and your spending habits.

We are always developing the site and have plans to keep adding new industries and tools over time, so keep checking back 😊